Writing advice

Hello, since I last wrote, I’ve met loads more people who want to write, so well done to you all, believe in yourselves and keep at it. And that’s almost the best advice I can give, actually: keep at it.

Talking about your book won’t get it written. You’ve got to put in the hours at the kitchen table/computer/wherever. Whenever I do talks or signings, I get asked about how to write a book and I think about five per cent of the people I meet are working on something.

It’s wonderful that so many people love writing and have a story they want to tell. In the past two years, I’ve worked a lot with emerging writers and it’s the most wonderful experience to read early work and try to advise and guide people along the road to getting published. My advice depends a lot on what sort of work it is or where the person is in their book. But certainly, sit down and do it is pretty high on the list for being creative. It’s no good keeping it in your head – you have to get it down on paper, which is, hilariously, the hard bit.