Notes From Cathy

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    Hello! Happy March

    Time for daffodils, flinging off thermal vests (me) and St Patrick’s Day . . . Oh, where is my green fright wig? It looks horrible, actually – I much prefer my cheap Cleopatra black bob because you can slap on mucho eyeliner and experiment with the dark colour in your compact, the one you never use. The two-euro shop is a great source of St Paddy’s Day gear: all deeply frightening, mind you. Many small children were scared during the parade day when I wore ... read more

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    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Whatever you celebrate, have fun and peace, hug the people you love, and watch cheesy movies: my basic plan. Plus, decorate the house . . . I LOVE Christmas – not the bit where I have to try not to burn dinner, but the whole cover the house with red and white things, some gold stuff, and basically, anything glittery. Thrilling!!! Christmas outfits Some women spend time considering their Christmas outfit – velvet sandals, and a sexy skirt? Not me. I am going for comfort ... read more

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    My Autumn Catch-up

    Hello folks! How are you all? I am fine - I am also fifty!! Yes, astonishingly, given that I sometimes feel like I’m twenty-five (not my knees) and dress like I am thirty. Converse are not suitable for people my age, I hear! This is shocking news. Particularly since Murray has outgrown his ankle-high-fluffy-lined winter ones and I have got my hands on them . . ! I am waiting for Dylan to outgrow a very nice fleecy zippy-up thing . . . Am I ... read more

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    Hello darlings, I am so so sorry - yes, had locked self away writing a book

    Hello darlings, I am so so sorry - yes, had locked self away writing a book and wasn't doing social media (although I have an addiction to lying slumped on couch late at night with dogs on me while I look at cute animals and minion jokes on Pinterest......Cathy KellyBooks if you want to see what a mad, crochet, animal, ancient jewellery, bad-joke-loving person I am. Oh and the Golden Girls...I LOVE them! 'Picture it: Sicily 1935...' I am trying not to pin rude things ... read more

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    Happy Mother's Day to all

    Hello everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day! I’m having the gate widened for the delivery truck of flowers . . . or would that be a bit daft?! Obviously I am kidding, girls!!No, seriously, all I want is not to have to get up first to let Puplets of Loveliness out, and to get a cup of coffee in bed! See, I am a simple creature. Motherhood does this to us – takes away all unnecessary stuff and makes us, well, not simple, but certainly straightforward.We ... read more