Notes From Cathy

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    Honey Queen out in paperback and new novel finished!

    Hello!!! Great news – I have finished my book. OK, great news for me. I finished it a week ago and only a strong blast of Berocca meant I had the energy that evening to go out for a pizza with my three boys to celebrate. We were home by 8.45pm, though – wild people in our house! But you know, when you've had the fish and chips, and the chocolate brownie, the energy flags…But the joy of waking up the next day knowing it ... read more

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    Picture the scene

    Picture the scene: lovely Lucy from HarperCollins emails and wants me to be in an advert for the paperback of The Honey Queen. My brain, in a general state of bewilderment from finishing my new novel and from getting the boys back to school, doesn't quite get it.'Y'wha?'I mutter that I am too busy what with de new book that's due out early next year and don't mention the fact that have been stuffing self with biscuits and other carbs all summer, look about a ... read more

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    And Then He Kissed me launch

    Hi folks, how are you all? Just a quickie to let you know I was in Eason Dundrum last night for the launch of a new collection of short stories for teenagers called And Then He Kissed Me. It's my first story for young people and I'm very excited about it. There are some photos here on fellow author Monica McInerney's Facebook page where you'll see us and Sarah Webb who's also written a short story for the collection. Have a great weekend folks. I'm ... read more

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    'Novembery' here in Ireland

    Hello,Novembery here in Ireland - mad sunshine for ten minutes followed by bucketing rain, which makes for an interesting walk with the dogs. (Novembery probably not a word. Novembry?) I am working like a mad woman on my new book which is about marriage and divorce and a dog who poops on the carpet. Never say I don't cover big topics of the day!The boys are off school for the summer and have only said 'I'm bored' once or twice. I try to explain that ... read more

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    Hi folks

    Just a hint, folks, never go into your friendly physio (lovely Mark who jokes he is going to squash my head through the hole in the physio table) and ask for dry-needling for whiplash pain.Dry needling could possibly be lethal. James Bond should be licensed to use it. Kill your enemies in a single prod. Yesterday, I committed this folly and today, I am shuffling round and moaning (esp when dragging groceries out of shop - I have very glam life).On the plus side, I ... read more