Notes From Cathy

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    My advice for the most magical time of the year!

    Hello folks,Merry Christmas everyone – or whatever holiday festival you celebrate! I hope it’s filled with family, love and happiness.Of course, family celebrations can so easily be filled with arguments over the remote control, and why everyone got you socks again when what you wanted was a book voucher, which is really an argument over your place in the family and goes back to when you were seven, but hey . . .Breathe. In and out. Slooowly.Yes, 49 years on the planet, and I am ... read more

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    I bet you thought the aliens had abducted me...

    Hello darlings!!!!!! I bet you thought the aliens had abducted me...sorry! I mean, they tried and all, but said 'No, still haven't got over last year. and that speed of light thing gives me nausea...'Seriously, THANK YOU for all lovely words about Between Sisters. It is so lovely to hear from you all. Make me smile and feel warm and grateful to you all. When you write a book, you really never know if people will like it. So thank you CUBED - your kindness ... read more

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    I love audio books!

    Hello lovely people!How are you all? Are any of you fans of audio books? Personally I love them if I am travelling and the boys are obsessed with them. Between Sisters is now available as an audio book, read by Caroline Lennon.I've been meaning to say to you for ages that Olivia Caffrey, who has done the audio versions of some of Maeve Binchy's books, is the reader of the It Started With Paris audio book. It's also available from Audible.Last year, I did an ... read more

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    Between Sisters is out today!

    Happy October!’Tis the season of Hallowe’en! And of Between Sisters! I get terribly nervous when a new book comes out, in case people don’t like it.Also, I will have spent the past two months describing it in articles and blogs, and I will be so bewildered at this point that I will no longer be able to say what it’s about.Sometimes I explain it cleverly, but sometimes I sound like someone who doesn’t read Dutch but who has read the Dutch version.This goes along the ... read more

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    Between Sisters - Pearl character profile

    Granny Pearl is the perfect granny to the heroines from Between Sisters, Cassie and Coco – but she’s a granny with a twist. She wears cool clothes – which annoys her sister wildly. She has brightly painted toenails and her best friend is a lovely widowed gentleman. She lives in gorgeous Delaney Gardens and when the girls’ mother left, Pearl brought them up. But she never really told them why their mother left. Because it’s better that way, right? Don’t you just love a family ... read more