Notes From Cathy

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    Between Sisters - Coco character profile

    Coco is a character I’d love as a friend: funny, kind and loving with gorgeous vintage clothes because she has a vintage clothes shop. But she and her sister, Cassie, never knew their mum. It’s not so hard for Coco, she thinks, because Mum left when she was just one. She has no memory of her and what you don’t remember, you don’t miss, right? Wrong.The fun I had with the vintage clothes stuff – so says the woman who lives in her yoga pants!!!!xBetween ... read more

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    Between Sisters - Cassie character profile

    Writing the mother-in-law from hell is fun… except lovely Cassie, heroine of Between Sisters, doesn’t really have such a thing. She simply has a needy mum-in-law, a husband who races to his mother’s side when she clicks her fingers, and poor Cassie begins to wonder what it would be like if only she had a mum. Because she did once, except Cassie’s mum abandoned her when she was just seven…. Why? Why do people leave? Is it possible that her beloved husband could leave too? ... read more

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    Cathy discusses her forthcoming novel Between Sisters

    What makes a mother walk out on her two small children - and how does this affect them when they’re grown-ups and life throws them a few curve balls… That’s the subject of Between Sisters and here I am (I hate looking at myself, folks – would do it with fingers in ears, humming but defeats purpose!) talking about it. I can’t believe Between Sisters is nearly out! I saw my first finished copy today!!!!!! It is truly beautiful and the inside has exquisite leaves ... read more

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    Back to School

    Hello darlings, we are back to school here... how come I wake up at 6.30 on the nail when the kids aren't in school and have to be surgically removed from bed at 6.45 (to get my Vitamin C intake) when they are in school? Discuss.I am Getting Things Done - name of new be-organised book by David Allen (well, am a bit of the way into it and it is going to tell me to get the million things I have to do out ... read more

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    US publication date for It Started With Paris

    Yahoo!!! Publication date for It Started With Paris in the US and a huge thanks to darling Elin Hilderbrand for saying it was 'a huge bear hug of a novel...' Honestly, not just is she beautiful, a mom, and a fabulous writer, but she's so kind too. Thank you to gorgeous Grand Central Publishing too!!! And Emily Griffin and Fareeda Bullert for all their help and kindness.I have been away for a week in Spain wearing factor 100!! Yes, I know. Who knew it went ... read more