A Note From Cathy


Between Sisters is out today!

Between Sisters coverHappy October!

’Tis the season of Hallowe’en! And of Between Sisters! I get terribly nervous when a new book comes out, in case people don’t like it.

Also, I will have spent the past two months describing it in articles and blogs, and I will be so bewildered at this point that I will no longer be able to say what it’s about.

Sometimes I explain it cleverly, but sometimes I sound like someone who doesn’t read Dutch but who has read the Dutch version.

This goes along the lines of, ‘Er, well, there are two, er, sisters and they adore each other, but their mother abandoned them when they were little, and . . .’ I need a stand-in ‘me’ for those daft days!

But I got my first copy last Wednesday, and it is so pretty!! There are leaves on the endpapers. I held it and petted it for ages. I hope you all like it!