A Note From Cathy


Happy Mother's Day to all

Hello everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day! I’m having the gate widened for the delivery truck of flowers . . . or would that be a bit daft?! Obviously I am kidding, girls!!

No, seriously, all I want is not to have to get up first to let Puplets of Loveliness out, and to get a cup of coffee in bed! See, I am a simple creature. Motherhood does this to us – takes away all unnecessary stuff and makes us, well, not simple, but certainly straightforward.

We want love for our Mothering Sunday. And – ooh, I adore this idea – if nobody has a ha’penny/ cent/ whatever, we could have vouchers. Like, ‘voucher to fold and put away laundry, including socks’. I hate doing socks. Aliens clearly take them. I haven’t worn a matching pair in years. And, ‘voucher to watch whatever we want on TV, even if it’s Code Black and everyone else wants to watch weird thing on Alaska’. Stunning amount of documentaries on right now about Alaska. Although I do love Alaska Vet.

Have fun, whatever you do, and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mother to other family members, to nieces and nephews, to grandchildren, to friends’ children, to companion animals and to friends. Mothering is a gift not limited to those who have given birth.

I am busy writing a new novel, and I am changing names all the time. I have a Kellee (I know!) and a Katie (I am having a year for Ks) and a Cari (those K/C sounds are calling to me), and it is funny (I hope) and irreverent in places, and as yet the only animals are the mice living under the sink in Cari’s cool apartment. She is a cool career girl with a history of man trouble, and wants her mice to die a horrible death a lo-o-ong, lo-o-ong way from her cupboards. Oh no – there is a mention of a poodle cross called Noodle, who was born before there were interesting, no-shedding poodles and sheds madly. If I have to use the sticky fur-removing thing every time I leave the house, then my heroines need to, too! Love and hugs, Cathy