A Note From Cathy


Hello darlings, I am so so sorry - yes, had locked self away writing a book

Hello darlings, I am so so sorry - yes, had locked self away writing a book and wasn't doing social media (although I have an addiction to lying slumped on couch late at night with dogs on me while I look at cute animals and minion jokes on Pinterest......Cathy KellyBooks if you want to see what a mad, crochet, animal, ancient jewellery, bad-joke-loving person I am. Oh and the Golden Girls...I LOVE them! 'Picture it: Sicily 1935...' I am trying not to pin rude things but do look out for the 'funny things said in court' bit - not rude, just hilarious)
First, HUGE apologies for my absence. Since October, we have had illness squared, what with a suspected fractured hip (Dylan), then suspected something else, a saga which lasted two and a half months...anyway, between the jigs and the reels as we say here (why do we say it...?), it was Christmas and we went away and I fell and banjaxed my neck again. I am getting a helmet for my next birthday. Then, Murray fractured his hand, then Himself was sick, then we all got what I am calling the Flu of Misery***********. Stick in your own rude word. Honestly, I have not been this sick since I had the swine flu, and I got Tamiflu and sympathy for that. I do not think I am thinner, though.... I know, but it's often the only thrill after being sick.
So here I am, writing my new book, and I still haven't MarieKondo-ed the place. I mean, it's worse than ever. To misquote dear departed Nora Ephron, it's not that 'I can remember nothing', it's that 'I can find nothing.' 
I can remember nothing, either, mind you - I could never write my memoirs: not that anyone would want to read them, really. On the plus side, the flu means I have watched nearly all of Madame Secretary and I love it. (I want my hair and my blouses like that. And the office and the staff - wouldn't be behind on emails, then!) but she doesn't drink enough coffee.) I love Code Black too, and am catching up with Grey's Anatomy, which I have not seen for about four years.
Anyway, thank you for all the FABULOUS and kind messages. I love reading them all. I am behind with all correspondence so sorry for that too. my multi-tasking skills have dropped. 
AND I am 50 this year!!!! (all the above probably connected!) Yes, and I am saying 'no' to things. A sign of womanhood that it takes hitting 50 to say no, but hey... we work with what we have. This saying no has met with mixed results. One person got very offended when I said, very politely, I was ultra busy and couldn't do X at all, at all. In a reaction of supreme weirdness, I didn't instantly say yes to apologise. I said no again. Like: 'Thank you for asking me but I am still busy and NO.' 
I can't wait for when I get to type 'what part of NO don't you understand?'
I am turning into a wild woman!!!!! About time.
Right, had loads more things to say and had written this and saved it and can't find it....will think of it all tonight and say it again soon!!!
love and hugs and keep smiling, girls. As ee cummings said:'It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.'
and as Aunty Acid on Pinterest says: I have PMS and GPS.... which means I'm a bitch and I will find you.' 
I love that stuff!!! if you can laugh, it's ok, right?