A Note From Cathy


I bet you thought the aliens had abducted me...

Hello darlings!!!!!! I bet you thought the aliens had abducted me...sorry! I mean, they tried and all, but said 'No, still haven't got over last year. and that speed of light thing gives me nausea...'
Seriously, THANK YOU for all lovely words about Between Sisters. It is so lovely to hear from you all. Make me smile and feel warm and grateful to you all. When you write a book, you really never know if people will like it. So thank you CUBED - your kindness made me so happy. I feel surrounded by loving sisters.
And talking of happy, I am obsessed with looking at cute Pinterest memes of Minions. 
I have many fav Minion quotes - lots of ancient ones but add a pic of a minion, and brilliant, right?
Current fav is one which I recall for T-shirts in the 80s when there was no internet: Be the sort of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says: 'Oh crap, she's up.'
So funny. I do not believe in a literal devil, by the way. I may be on my own on this but I think it was an old way of explaining the dreadful things people can do. Exorcists - don't bother writing in. I sleep badly enough as it is.
Pinterest is fabulous and when I am off doing paucity (I was trying to write publicity - autocorrect is bonkers....), I am hopeless at writing books or anything else, so I look at pictures of crochet, yoga, Minions, and cute dogs who allegedly put the cat into the bath 'by mistake'. I am easily amused. These are 'animal memes', to rhyme with themes, which I cannot remember and call 'mems' to rhyme with the 'mem' in 'memory'. Cue twelve-year-olds groaning 'Mom!'
I laugh and say, as a Minion once said: 'I just have too many tabs open in my brain to remember!'
So to update you all, I have been doing interviews and layering on tonnes of make-up (now know why mascara makes me look like a panda after two hours - oily eyelids!!! But have bought fabulous gizmo/cream from Urban Decay which superglues your eye make up on. Also got spray from them that superglue-sprays it all on. My eye make up is now like a cockroach in a nuclear storm - it will survive. This is useful when you have three interviews, plus photos in a day.) You are a zombie by the end - but you don't look it!
My desk is messier than ever. My spam file is more hilarious - a lot of people are happily emailing me 'hey sweetie!', lots of guys and girls REALLY want to talk to me and apparently, I am picking up women all wrong. I feel that when I pick them up, I am supposed to be doing more with them than discussing world hunger.
But spam - makes you laugh, huh?
The C-word (if you celebrate it) is nearly upon us. I have already purchased three metallic painted owl decorations with big eyes in Primark. And a toy company helpfully sent their catalogue to our house two months ago. 
I am so behind with my emails that...well, I will get round to everyone. You know I read everything from everyone. but SORRY!
Finally, I am doing this wonderful charity event with a very special lady, Lorna Byrne (see previous post) on Sunday 22nd Nov in Dublin's National Concert Hall. It's for UNICEF, and amazing Irish charity called Blue Box that gives amazing help and support to kids in Limerick, and APA, a charity that's been working in Africa for many years. 
Recently, a dear, wise friend, who worries about how I never sit still and say yes to all charity things, said gently 'you can't save the whole world' and she is right - but we've all got to do something. 
love and hugs and talk SOON now I am off the publicity trail. I might have cleaned my desk....but you know, a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind...