Short Stories

Cathy has written many short stories for charitable anthologies, magazines and two for adult literacy initiatives (Quick Reads and Open Door). Here are the main anthologies Cathy has contributed to. Please note some of these stories are now available in Christmas Magic.

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A Little Help From My Friends

Bestselling author Melissa Hill gathers some of Ireland's most  successful storytellers and best-loved media personalities together for  this heart-warming collection in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation.

A varied and brilliant compilation of short stories and true-life recollections from all walks of life, some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but each succeeds in encapsulating the essence of true friendship in its many different guises.

Read the story of a schoolgirl friendship that continued through generations, the real-life mother/daughter bond that will last forever, the faithless boyfriend who eventually gets his comeuppance, or the autobiographical account of a troubled girl who desperately needed rescuing ...just some of the compelling stories and life-affirming true-life tales featured in this collection - all with their own individual slant on how sometimes in life, everyone needs a helping hand.

Includes stories from bestselling authors Cathy Kelly, Clare Dowling, Claudia Carroll, Colette Caddle, Anita Notaro, Sarah Webb, Sharon Owens and a host of other popular storytellers, as well as true-life pieces from TV presenter Kathryn Thomas, publisher Norah Casey and Irish Times journalist Grania Willis and many others. All royalties earned from this book will be donated to the Irish Hospice  Foundation.